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Monthly Trainings
With the Multi-passionate playful wise woman

Playful Strategy Workshops for Business Owners + Leaders

Join Cait, The Playful Wise Woman, as she shares her wisdom and expertise in a a  variety of arenas to support you and your business FULLY. 

Each workshop is designed to support you to acquire tools in your leadership to ensure:
  • You Gain more Freedom and Flexibility to spend your time in ways that light you up!

  • Enjoy the life you're creating instead of being controlled by overwhelm in the business.

  • Move from burnout to ease in life, your leadership + your business.

  • Have fun working less, while being strategic, and STILL scale efficiently.

  • And so much more! 

Session topics are listed below.d

Two Ways to Register:

  1. Sign up for each topic you are interested in (one time fee).

  2. Select the monthly membership option: Great savings and access to all the trainings in this series (and their recordings). 

Live attendees will get exclusive access to bonuses and offers each month! 
March 14th 1:30pm EST
"Mom Guilt in Business and how to not let it hold you back"

April 11th 1:30pm EST
Marketing: DIY vs Hiring + Plus Strategies You Can use today!"
  • 22 US dollars
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Meet Your Guide

Cait Finn is a wise beyond her years leader and high achieving woman who excels in multiple areas serving as a permission slip for other multi passionate women to do the same. 

With 20 years coaching, mentoring and educating others she brings wisdom from all of her professional and personal experiences to the personalized work she does with business owners, leaders, executives and companies. 

Cait has held roles in the fields of social work, higher education, athletics administration, metabolic health and the private business sector.


She is a mama, artist, homesteader, retired national level weightlifter, national level weightlifting coach and instructor, and a former college strength coach and college football coach. 

Whether you’re an executive leading massive teams or a new mom ready to grow your business, she has a gift for meeting you exactly where you are, helping you create the strategy to get to where you want to go, and teaching the tools to help you care for yourself in the process. 

Interested in more individualized mentorship from Cait? Book a Playful Exploration call to discuss options!
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