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Permission to
CreatE and claim
your Playful, Purposeful + Powerful Business

3+ Week Accelerator to Build the Business of Your Dreams WITHOUT burnout and overload.

Monday November 13th - Friday December 8th 

(3 FULL Weeks with a Slower Week 2 for the US Thanksgiving Holiday)

$555 or get early bird price when you sign up by 10/25 for $333! 
(payment plans available)

A 3+ Week accelerated Experience!
You get to create the business of your dreams. 
It starts with Getting you clarity on your vision and theN knowledgE. That's how you feel powerful as a business owner.

For the person that desires the freedom + Flexibility of owning their own business but doesn't know where to start. 



Community Space

Quests + Adventures

Mentorship and Coaching

Pop-Up Live Calls 

3+ Week Business Accelerator
Education Modules | SELF CARE FOR THE LEADER |
Coaching | Community

Week 1
Why Your Why Matters
+ How To Lead From Within

Who is Your Ideal Client and What Do They Need

Supporting The Leader Theme for Week: Permission to Prioritize You

Week 2
Exploring your Anchor Offer, Product + Pricing

Supporting The Leader Theme for Week: Permission to Rest + Nourish

Week 3
Understanding Business Basics: Formation + Models


Quick + Dirty Operations: Starting Out vs Growing Towards

Supporting The Leader Theme for Week: Permission to Play + Create

Week 4
Talking About Your Business: DIY Marketing, Messaging + Content Creation



Supporting The Leader Theme for Week: Permission to Explore

$555 or get early bird price when you sign up by 10/25 for $333! 
(payment plans available)

I'm Cait Finn The Multi-passionate playful wise woman!
I am a leadership, Business and Marketing Mentor. 
And I love sharing my wisdom and expertise in ways that support others in claiming, creating + Building their dream vision and businesses!

 I got where I am by giving myself PERMISSION to explore, play,
be messy, make mistakes and learn from it all. And now I help others do the same! 

I am a mom, partner, business owner, homesteader, creator & SO MUCH MORE! 

With 20 years coaching, mentoring and educating others I bring wisdom from all of my professional and personal experiences to the personalized work I does with business owners, leaders, executives and companies. 

I have held roles in the fields of social work, higher education, athletics administration, metabolic health and the private business sector.


I am a mama, artist, homesteader, retired national level weightlifter, national level weightlifting coach, former college strength coach and college football coach. 

Whether you’re an executive leading massive teams or a new mom ready to start and grow your business, I have a gift for meeting you exactly where you are, helping you create the strategy to get to where you want to go, and teaching the tools to help you care for yourself in the process. 


For the person that knows there is more but doesnt quite know where to start.

The woman with the side hustle ready to go all in. 
The mom wanting flexibility to bring in money AND be with her kids. 
The corporate worker craving more freedom. 
The person with the vision that needs the foundation. 
The dreamer with ideas needing grounded action. 
The bada** that already started and now wants to be more efficient. 
The leader that wants to make a difference AND make money doing it!

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