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Mentorship + Support for your Business and YOU!

Hiii I’m Cait Finn, The Playful Wise Woman -
business, marketing and leadership mentor!

I work with brilliant business owners and leaders,
who feel burnt out and frustrated.

I guide them to prioritize their own joy and play
so they can build and scale efficiently!

"Cait Finn is a wise beyond her years leader and high achieving woman who excels in multiple areas serving as a permission slip for other multi passionate women to do the same".

I'm Cait Finn.

My journey has taken me on many exciting adventures: competing as a high level athlete; leading athletes and coaches in the world of higher education; educating, mentoring & marketing for small businesses, startups & nonprofits; and my own personal health journey.


A major turning point for me was the more recent birth of my daughter. This season of life has helped me to hold the duality between the excitement of expansion that comes with being a high achiever and the desire to slow down focusing on the little moments in life. 


Having walked this path I now hold space for other go-getters sick of the burnout and the "shoulds". Through the exploration of creativity, nature, and play - I help others connect to the things they are passionate about. Supporting them to discover their inner wisdom, hear it, listen to it and trust it.  A process that ripples out into health, relationships, and the creation of a life they desire. I believes that when we let go of all the "shoulds" and begin to prioritize fun, play, and joy in our lives we open the doors to a meaningful life filled with purpose, connection, drive, and lasting fulfillment.

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