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Business Mentorship MEMBERSHIP

Aspiring EntrePreneurs
Small Businesses 
Side Hustles ready for More

Sometimes it just takes a little exTRA support from someone who
Understands where you are
(and where you want to go)!
Why Mentorship?


I consider myself a COACH and EDUCATOR first and foremost.

I have held both those titles in many fields of expertise.  

And yet I think both those words hold different meanings depending on the person using them. 

Mentorship is all of that and more. 

It's someone who has sat where you are and is now where you want to be. 


Who is it for?


Calling all entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners, creators and healers, anyone working the side hustle. 

Whatever stage you are at...

DREAMING about the business you desire and the life you know you can create.

Actively DOING all the things and feeling overwhelmed. 

EXPANDING your business everyday and ready to solidify systems, marketing and team members. 

.... we welcome you!

Group mentorship

Monthly live group video calls. 

A space to ask questions. 



Engage as much (or as little) as you'd like with other members. 

Post questions, get feedback, share resources. 


Connections to other members. 

Spontaneous live trainings with Cait. 

Recommendations and information on best practices. 


A sampling of topics!

What's Your Why

Business Models

DIY Your Marketing




What is it?
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