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1:1 Mentorship

With the Playful Wise woman Ready to support YOU, Your Leadership + Your BusinesS!
You get To Have a successful Business
or career 

ANNNNDDD be fully supported as a leader and person!

You're always on the go. 

It's non-stop do do do. 

You always do everything for everyone else first. 

You're a leader. 

You're own a business owner. 

You lead organizations. 


You're in a vicious cycle flirting with edge of burn out.

You're called "superwoman" by other people (but you're actually exhausted).

You're the one everyone comes to first for support, help or advice. 

You struggle with perfectionism and other's perceptions.

You find yourself awake at night spiraling on all the things. 

You want to slow down but are petrified you will fail if you do.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

you get to be successful AND Enjoy the life you are creating.

you get to be taken care of too.

Ebb + flow between the needs of your business and learn my multi-passioante playful wise woman approach to taking care of YOU! 

We will explore tools in:



We start by assessing where
you and your business are. 

We create a plan and action steps to fully support YOU and strategies for the business. 
We explore and play with tools like art, learning to play again, time in nature, trying nourishing foods and learning to feel powerful in your body.
It gets to work for YOU and you dont need to do it alone!

Give yourself permission to be fully and holistically supported by a mentor that has trained and excelled in each of these areas.

 In your business, marketing + leadership 
Get clarity on your why - to anchor every decision you make moving forward.
Clarify, evolve, pivot and grow your systems + operations. 

Receive support on managing relationships, difficult conversations and team.
Analyze and implement marketing strategy + your ideal messaging.

All while uncovering, discovering + learning how to take care of YOU! 
Metabolic Health + Nutrition. 
Strength Training. 
Nourishing Movement. 
Creating for Joy.
Stress Management + Sleep Health
Understanding + Leveraging Your Cycle
Living Simpler + Honoring the Seasons.
Playing + Releasing Perfection


Join me the Multi-passionate playful wise woman to up-level your business, your leadership AND support all the pieces of you.

Where else can you combine business, strategy + systems with nature, creativity, play + nourishment?

Mentorship Includes:

A mentor that excels at flowing between strategy, mindset & action steps. 

A mentor with expertise in businesses, health & life coaching arenas.


We Kick Off with an In person (In PA) Strategy + Play Day

4 - 50min calls a month!

Daily private voice/text space to receive mentorship in between your calls. M-F 10am-7pm EST.

All access to my resources & materials vault & past trainings.

Pop-Up Office hours.
6 Month + 12 Month Options($1222-$1555/month)
With Pay In Full Discounts Available

freedoM to enjoy!

Flexibility to craft your days!

MORE Time with family and loved ones!

fullfullment & purpose!

Appreciation and gratitude For all of you!

I'm Cait Finn - Playful Wise Woman & Mentor. 

I am a mom, partner, business owner, homesteader, creator &


I have been mentoring, coaching & educating for 20 years. 

My multi-passionate nature has brought me on incredible personal & professional adventures. 


And with that a wealth of knowledge & expertise. 

But it's my path as a caretaker and wise woman that is really what you need. 


I see you, I get you, I am you. 

When I left the world of working for others and committed to building my businesses and the life I wanted for myself and my family...

I missed one big thing, I carried all of my old patterns with me. 

The magic of being a caretaker and healer came at a cost. I continued to put everyone before myself. I continued to stay in hustle mode and constant survival. 

Until I didnt...

Want to try it out? Come dip your toes in the water. 
24 hours of EPIC support in telegram.
Give yourself
PERMISSION to take the very first step to transforming your business to the next level
AND get beautifully supported in
ALL THE THINGS along the way.  

I've been told my entire life to pick a lane and to niche down.
Guess what it's just not for me!

And thank goodness for you - I'm not always so good at listening!

Take advantage of all my
professional pivots, beautiful lived experiences,
wisdom collected along the way. 

You wont find this level of business mentorship layered with such nuanced and personalized support for YOU the visionary leading in your business and life, anywhere else. 

It gets to be fun. 
You get to enjoy. 
AND build a successful flourishing business. 
You get to put you first. 

Are you ready to co-create this completely individualized experience just for you?!


A love note to...

...the high achiever that feels like something is missing. 

... the woman that feels stuck and lost but knows there is more out there for them, and can’t quite figure out where to start
... the person ready to let go of the "shoulds" and learn what you truly want to do and be. 

... the entrepreneur wanting to live, work, grow business in a way that is full of joy, fun, and peace.

... the leader that wants to be a better & stronger leader without losing yourself and burning out.
... the business owner that has lost her way in the grind of the business.
... the woman going through a major life transformation that  know there's a different way to do it. 

... is sick of hearing that you can only live and work one specific way.

You can. You will. You are.
And it gets to be fun too!

Let's help you care for YOU.
Let's create the new way of flowing in your business or career. 
Let's make decisions anchored in your why. 
Let's introduce you to that playful spirit inside. 
Let's help you hear your inner wisdom. 
Let's learn to ebb & flow between play and wisdom and trust that your goals and dreams can and will be accomplished when you do!

Let's connect you with tools to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Still not quite sure what's the next best step for you?

That's exactly how a mentor can guide and support you.   

Hop over to my DM's and lets explore the perfect option for you together!

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