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Permission to PlaY Retreat

May 31st - June 2nd, 2024 | Appleton, ME

“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves,
or more deeply engrossed in anything than
when we are playing".
-Charles Schaefer

CREATIVITY + PLAY + NATURE = The Most Fulfilling, NourishinG and Fun 


Camp + adventure on a private rural property in Maine. 

Enjoy the serenity of nature and wildlife all around. 

Step into an empowered play photo shoot. 

Discover your inner playful being with guided activities.

Explore new creative projects + mediums. 

Nourish your body with local foods and community meals.

Savor pockets of quiet time to spend exactly how you want.



WHO is it for?

The caretaker craving a break, providing for everyone else. 

The leader desiring space to play and dream. 

The business owner wanting to step out of the hustle. 

The mom ready for a break and to connect with her own inner child again. 

The human that knows the importance of connecting with and nourishing their bodies. 


All the Deets!

Join a group of other women ready to play, create and adventure in nature!

Set up your camp on arrival

(Not interested in camping? Check out a few local accommodations you can book on your own here).

Saturday activities include: empowered play photo shoot, nature inspired creating, celebration dinner and more!

Nourishing meals and snacks provided throughout the weekend. 

Recommended gear and packing list sent prior to weekend. 

Community yurt space with kitchen and toilet. 

Blend of guided group activities and dedicated free time. 

How we got here!

Picture this: two kindred spirits, Cait and Ade, connected through the magical realms of the internet in late 2022.

Fast forward to 2023, and they discovered a shared love for all things outdoors, handmade, and joy-full.

Oh, let us not forget to mention they both rock the overall look with fan-tas-tic style!

During an exploratory call on how to bring something special to their audiences, the concept of the Permission To Play Retreat was born. Ade had this amazing piece of land in the Maine Woods, and they thought, why not host it there? After months of trusting the process and a pinch of spontaneity, these playful, wise women set a date, put pen to paper, and released the retreat waitlist to the world.


The response was overwhelming, showing a universal need for women from all walks of life to reconnect with play—something often shoved to the back burner, left unattended to until its contents have disappeared into thin air.

In their work with clients, Cait and Ade noticed a common thread weaving through everyone's lives: a reinvigoration of PLAY. In the hustle and bustle of to-do lists, schedules, and professional ascension, many have forgotten how to play.


The duo has a knack for creating space for people to "remember how to play" and lose themselves in the magic of exploration and play.

Ade, with her background as a nature and play-based teacher, found her inspiration in the children she taught. Her muse? The joyful simplicity of being outdoors. She's been on a mission, helping educators across the country rediscover the playful side of life, making everyday rhythms a little more whimsical. Ade firmly believes that "living is learning," and in intentional slowdowns, we find the greatest joy in life's simplest things—like watching a spark turn into a flame, creating mandalas with nature objects, or finding stillness with nature to ground, connect, and expand our practices.

Cait, Cait Finn is a wise beyond her years leader and high achieving woman who excels in multiple areas serving as a permission slip for other multi passionate women to do the same. With 20 years coaching, mentoring and educating others she brings wisdom from all of her professional and personal experiences to the personalized work she does with business owners, leaders, executives and companies. But what she has been the biggest game changer for most of her clients is helping them discover their joy, their play, and their permission to try life their way! 

So, here's to Permission To Play Retreat—a haven crafted by two playful souls, ready to ignite that spark of joy and whimsy in the hearts of women looking to rediscover themselves through the art of play.

Your two favoritE... 
Overall wearing, Weight lifting, NATURE loving,
Play all day ... Queens 
Are teaming up and its going to be an EPIC adventure!

Ade Hofmann

Working with teachers and caregivers on how to take learning outside.
Mentoring directors and staff of outdoor programs.

Nature + Play Based Educator



Cait Finn

The Playful Wise Woman


Business, marketing and leadership mentor.

Anchored in creativity and play to prioritize your joy, prevent burnout and scale successfully.

The land

Welcome to the enchanting location that will host our inaugural Permission To Play Retreat in May 2024! Nestled on over 18 acres of wooded bliss, this serene landscape is a symphony of nature's finest offerings, inviting you to embark on a journey of play, peace, and restoration.

As you traverse the long and winding dirt road, the wooded scenery unfolds, revealing a charming yurt adorned with a sunshine yellow door—your warm and whimsical welcome. Our off-grid facility ensures an almost instant connection with the land beneath your feet, inviting you to immerse yourself in the tranquility that surrounds.

Picture towering maples, black ash, aspen, and ancient wolf pines painting the forested canvas. The treetops play host to a lively community of ravens, grouse, and songbirds, their calls and feathered wings creating a harmonious soundtrack. Bald eagles have been known to grace the property, perched atop the majestic wolf pines for hours. Keep your eyes peeled for white-tailed deer, moose, beaver, and mink—frequent visitors to this peaceful place.

Journey deeper into the woods, and you'll encounter Harriet Stream, a flowing boundary teeming with life and providing sustenance to the local wildlife. This freshwater oasis becomes a captivating space to explore the wonders of nature.

Venture beyond the stream to discover "Base Camp," featuring a solar-powered outhouse and a spacious canvas wall tent equipped with a wood stove for those crisp days. When not hosting retreats, this space transforms into the outdoor classroom for our year-round nature and play-based early childhood program.

The magic of this land is undeniable, and we can't wait for you to experience it firsthand.


Join us for a retreat that harmonizes with the rhythm of nature, a place where playful souls can rediscover joy and fall in love with the enchantment that surrounds us.


We are thrilled to welcome you to this extraordinary site. 


Land Acknowledgement: We gratefully acknowledge that our early childhood nature-based program is situated on the ancestral and unceded lands of the Wabinaki people. We honor and respect the enduring connection that Wabanaki Nations, including the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, and Micmac, have to this land. We recognize the rich cultural heritage and wisdom passed down through generations. In our commitment to fostering a deep connection with nature, we strive to be mindful stewards of the land, embracing the teachings and traditions that have shaped this place for centuries. We express our gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to learn, play, and grow on this sacred land.

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