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Where It Began... 

After a college career as an athlete, I struggled with the loss of my athletic identity, weight gain from poor eating habits, and feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth. Until one afternoon when I discovered a small barn gym in upstate NY... It was amidst the chalk and barbells that a new part of my path as an athlete and my career as a coach took off.

It was strength training, and later on competitive weightlifting, that helped me to regain a sense of purpose.

In the world of weights, I’ve worked with everyone from Olympians and NFL draftees to college athletes and soccer moms. I even ranked nationally as a weight-lifter myself. ;) During this time, I returned to school for my Masters in Exercise Science and Human Performance at Ithaca College, where I helped launch the Athletic Department’s Strength & Conditioning program. I’ve also worked as a college strength coach for track & field, rowing & fencing, gymnastics, and football across many universities. 

Later, I spent time in administration and education, overseeing the strength & athletic training programs, as well as teaching leadership programs around understanding self, building communities/teams, and public speaking. I’ve even spent time managing small businesses and growing nonprofits. 

I bring into my coaching all of this, plus a bachelors in social work; certifications in strength and conditioning, weightlifting, and coaching; continuing education in metabolic health, keto coaching, hormonal health; and completed research in mental training & performance and creating wellness models.

And Here We Are...

In 2017, wellness took a more personal significance for me when I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). To be honest, it was a sigh of relief. I had spent years trying to understand my body’s hormonal symptoms and advocate for myself in doctors offices.

With a diagnosis, I could finally take the steps I needed to alleviate my symptoms as naturally as possible. 

And it’s because of the almost 10 years of trying to figure it all out and just feel better that I’m now adamant about empowering women to advocate for their health, too. My coaching approach is grounded in the belief that with the right knowledge and tools, women can 

  • Make lasting lifestyle changes to support and improve their health

  • Gain a better sense of self and autonomy over their choices 

  • Learn to advocate for their needs with clinicians

  • Find supportive, authentic community

My most recent and most transformational journey has been the one into motherhood. Being pregnant and giving birth to my daughter, Ryleigh, put everything I had learned over the years to work--from how to nourish both of us throughout pregnancy and care for my body, to advocating for both of us during labor and delivery. The biggest gift she has given me is permission to slow down and step into the life that I've been craving and creating for myself. 

Our journey has solidified my passion: to empower other women to cultivate their why, discover their purpose, and create the life and business they've dreamed of. 

Join me and let me help you create the next part of YOUR story.

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