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The PCOS Program

You’ve just left the doctor’s office and don’t know where to turn.
You’ve been trying to eat better and move more but nothing is helping. 
You’ve been told meds “are the only option” and that just doesn’t sit right with something deep inside of you.
You feel like you’re the only one you know with this diagnosis. 
You want to make changes but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. 

You believe health education and coaching can help change your life. 
You’ve heard that someone with PCOS can’t get pregnany and you desperately want to have children. 
You were told that your PCOS would only be a problem if you were trying to have kids. You know you don’t want to have children, but your body and symptoms are telling you that you need to do something to feel better. 
You don’t know how to explain to your partner/friends/family/practitioners what is going on and why you feel this way.

If you resonated with ANY of these statements join our community of individuals with PCOS working to:

  • understand their diagnosis
  • support their bodies and health
  • manage symptoms
  • address underlying imbalances and deficiencies
  • learn to advocate for their choices and needs
  • support and connect with others

This 8 Week Program Features 

Learning Modules (1).png

Weekly Modules & Action Steps

You will gain a deeper understanding of PCOS and how yours manifests uniquely for you. Learn about the foundations of supporting your body through food as medicine, movement, reducing exposure to toxins, and stress management. 
Receive tools and craft action steps to begin implementing in your life immediately.
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Live Weekly Meetings

Participants are invited to use this time to clarify themes that emerged from the learning modules and hear directly from me or any guest experts that join us. It will also be a time to make real life connections from our learning material to your daily experiences.

Community of PCOS THRIVERS

This space is the heart and soul of the program. The biggest piece of advice Cait’s clients have said they wish someone told them was, to create a support community of people that understood what it meant to have PCOS.
Week 1.png


It’s time for a life of informed decision making for your health! With so much conflicting information out there, we help you focus on the most valuable foundational pieces.
Week 3.png

Moving Our Bodies

Exercise doesn't have to be overwhelming and it shouldn't be just another stressor. We believe strength training is an essential tool for everyone with PCOS. Learn about the why AND the how!
Week 5.png

Caring For Ourselves

Selfcare is so much more than instagram worthy bubble bath photos! Lets throw out the “shoulds” and take a journey of self reflection and uncover what self care means for YOU and how it can support your specific PCOS symptoms.
Week 7.png

Advocating For Our Choices

It’s ok to - disagree with your doctor/ask for more testing/seek our second opinions/explain why you feel a certain way. You’re more equipped with knowledge, you’re empowered to make changes, now let's practice sharing our choices and our why with our doctors, our family, and our friends.
Week 2.png

Nourishing Our Bodies

Food is medicine and what we eat can significantly impact the manifestation of our PCOS Symptoms. We’ll paint the big picture for you so you can eat in a way that supports your health AND fits your life. 
Week 4.png

Cleaning Up Our Act

We are exposed to toxins and endocrine disruptors every single moment of the day. Discover what to look out for and learn to manage the areas in your life that you can control- from skincare products to food storage!
Week 6.png

Creating Our Plan

It’s time to take all of this knowledge you’ve been gathering and craft your own unique plans. Utilize practical tools and actions steps to map out your next few days, weeks, and months!
Week 8.png

Building Our Community

This cohort will be the foundation of your PCOS and healthy living support community. How do you want that to look? Lets dream up how we can lift each other up going forward!

I believe that each experience should be the right thing at the right time for each person. Join me to hear a little bit more about my journey with PCOS, the inspiration for creating the program, and how it can help you discover exactly what YOU need to THRIVE with your PCOS.

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