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Shared Wisdom Collective

Join me as I serve as a permission slip and guide, for others who want to slow down and live a meaningful life by exploring creativity, play, simpler living, nourishmenT, Movement and nature!
The birth of the Shared Wisdom COLLECTive


I have been a multi-plassionate person my entire life, but it wasn't always something I honored and saw as a gift.


When I stopped trying to put myself in a box and gave myself permission to explore, try new things,

and learn about topics that excited me - the whole world opened up!


When something wasn't working for me, I sought out information, knowledge and discovered ways to do it differently.

From making rugs for our home with repurposed fabric, to learning to move my body, to understanding my why. 


This knowledge gathering inspired many career moves and pivots. But everytime I took a new job or taught a new course I was still pigeon holing myself into one or two topic areas. I was doing the same thing professionally I had let go of doing personally - by staying in one area only. 


I knew I wanted to share not only the knowledge but show others that they could explore, play and try new things too. And yet I still found myself trying to offer information in the typical "stay in one lane" sort of way.


One day I realized I need to lean into this idea of sharing knowledge more broadly the same way I had allowed myself to explore and play in all the different areas. I looked back to history when women passed down knowledge and wisdom to the next generations, I saw evidence that people I followed in homesteading communities were still doing that, and realized I could craft and experience that would be both in alignment with the ebbs and flows of my excitement on different topics while sharing the message that you just need to start anything "right where you are!"

WHAT is the Shared Wisdom COLLECTIVE

A unique space to explore different themes, topics, and skills each month.  



There will be a balance of topics I have deep expertise in  paired with  themes I am inviting you in to learn along with me! 

As I explore and share, it is my hope that you will give yourself permission to do the same, starting exactly where you are! 

As membership grows the vision is to expand the knowledge shares and wisdom of other wise women ready to share their experiences, crafts, and passions. 


Announced each month as I feel into what the group is looking for and what topics I am currently excited to share about! 

Here is a peak at some of the early possibilities. 


Rag Rugs 

Thrifting & Repurposing

DIY Projects

Clay Play



Meal Prep 

Generational Cooking

Food As Medicine

Nature & Play



Forest Bathing

Hiking & Exploring

Simple Living

Homesteading Anywhere

Starting A Garden


Removing Household Toxins



Advocating with Dr.'s

Hormonal Health

Metabolic Health

Connecting to You

Whats Your Why

Inner Wisdom

Parenting Struggles

What do I get in the Collective?


Read/listen/watch each month's themed content in member only area.

Access to materials from previous months.



See Cait's day to day experiences around that months theme via IG stories close friends list. 

Members only forum to ask questions and share with each other.



All content and extras PLUS... 
Join Cait live for monthly mentor call (or watch recording after). 

And voxer group for collaboration, support, and wisdom sharing. (Responses from Cait M-F)


Join Cait as she share's knowledge and wisdom. Are you ready to live in a way where you can explore , learn, and play! 

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