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Business Mentor Cohort

For MTIH Terrain Advocates 

Join fellow advocate & Small Business Mentor,
Cait Finn for 12 weeks of
mentorship & guidance
as you navigate the next steps of
starting or evolving your business.
You've Already answered the call to... 

"Empower yourself and others to implement the Metabolic Approach to Cancer and create a healthy Terrain" 

with your TAP training at Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health

Now it's time to take the next step & GET clarity ON the vision, strategy, and logistics of your business!

With a mentor who who understands the world of terrain advocacy + has decades of experience at all levels of small businesses + Non Profits: RUNNING THEM, GROWING THEM, STARTING THEM, and MENTORING otherS TO DO THE SAME

Meet Cait!
Multiple business owner

Member of TAP Cohort 1

professional background:
  • social work
  • human performance
  • Marketing
  • Leadership & entrepreneurship Education
"I First Saw Dr. Nasha in action in 2017 after being a Secondary Caregiver to my cousin during his treatment for GBM. I knew I needed to be a part of MTIH after again taking on a secondary caregiver/Advocate role for my college best friend during his fight with NUT Midline Carcinoma. i am So grateful for MTIH anD TAP & excited to be able to support advocateS & future advocates in this capacity".
Learn more about Cait's Story.
Follow CAIT to see iF Working with her feels like the right fit for you - IG:@Simplybeingcait
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Coach, Educator, Mama, Advocate & Artist

Who is it for?


A specialized mentorship program designed specifically with Terrain Advocates (and soon to be Terrain Advocates) in mind! 

Currently open to Advocate in Cohorts 1-3!

Whatever stage of your business you are at...

DREAMING about the business you desire and the life you know you can create.

Actively DOING all the things and feeling overwhelmed. 

EXPANDING your business everyday and ready to solidify systems, marketing and team members. 

.... join Cait for guided support.

Business Mentorship
Group Space Opens 9/25 
First Call Thursday 9/28 at 2:00pm EST 
(this will be our regular call time)

12 Weeks of Group Support & Mentorship from Cait.

  • 10 Live Calls (including final week wrap up call)

  • Video calls will take place Wednesdays at 2:30pm EST

  • 2 Integration Weeks (no calls 10/25 or 11/22).

Live Calls may include: Review of themes, hot seat coaching, Q&A, guest experts).


Additional Support & Community

Daily support M-F via group chat in Telegram app (talk/text/video feedback). 

End of week wrap-up & check in.

Access to additional resources and guest experts.

Guided Topics

We will work through these themes based on the group that forms and needs that arise. The topics below do not denote an exact schedule for group calls but instead guides the flow of information and support available based on the backgrounds of group members and stages of their businesses.  

What's Your Why?
Developing an advocate Philosophy
Creating a Plan
Short Term Action steps & Long Term strategy
Who Am I helping?
Understanding your ideal client
Business Models
Exploring & understanding structure options
Behind the scenes
Marketing, Website, operations
Building relationships
creating & leveraging your network
Resources & Support
Team members, service providers
Sharing Your mission
Articulating & pitching what you do
A portion of the proceeds from each registration will be donated back to the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health to further support their mission.
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