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Children Helping Children - Children Saving Children

I have to say the more I become involved in this process the more impressed I am by my fellow human beings. I am bowled over by the amount of support, donations, and involvement I have seen this week. One of the things that has impresses me the most, however, is my team (Team Go Big, Go Bald!). Not only to do have a group of over 10 people and counting, but five of those team members are children. How incredible is that?

I am just so inspired by these four boys shaving their heads and a little girl that is volunteering at the event for a second year in a row. I dont think I would have had any interest in doing something like this at their age (and all at 10 or younger)! They are excited and motivated to not only be involved but also to raise money and help end this tragic disease. I am honored and proud to be a part of their team. I cant wait to get a group picture of us all when we are done.

Please help show these kids that they are doing the right thing. In a world where we are seeing violence, hatred, and anger occurring in younger and younger children lets reward and uplift those that are doing good!

Brian M.

This is Brian’s second year shaving his head with the team. He is a trooper! Last year he got sick and still stayed to have his head shaved. He hasn’t had a haircut since September! $100 raised and counting- donate on Brian’s page here to help him get to his goal of $1,000.

Colin M.

This is Colin’s second year shaving his head with Team Go Big, Go Bald! He hasnt had a haircut since Christmas! $210 and counting- donate on Colin’s page here to help him get to his goal of $1,000.

Patrick M.

On March 10th, Patrick will be shaving his head for the second time. He can’t wait! $50 and counting- donate on Patrick’s page here to help him get to his goal of $1,000.

Alex V.

Team Go Big, Go Bald! is excited to welcome Alex for his first year of shaving his head! I’m glad I wont be the only newbie!!! $185 and counting- donate on Alex’s page here to help him get to his goal of $1,000.

Kayleigh M.

Kalyeigh had such a great time volunteering for last years event that she decided to do it again! Donate on Kayleigh’s page here and be her first donation so she can get to her goal of $100.

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