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I've been doing a lot of thinking about what HEALTHY means to me. Especially at this new stage of my life.

I’ve had ups and downs with my relationship with my body. From loving it to really struggling with it. From actually being overweight/obese and unhealthy to being super lean but still not totally healthy to somewhere in between. It’s been such a revelation to realize that me at my healthiest hasn’t always been at my smallest or my fittest. AND that what healthy is for me, has changed drastically at different stages of my life.

As I step into this new stage of motherhood and recovery from birthing - I am sore and exhausted just from walking outside for a bit with Ry. On our walk yesterday I realized that how I feel about my health/my body actually lines up with my level of healthiness, when I focus not on what my body looks like and instead what it can accomplish.

I LOVED being strong and lean as a weightlifter, I LOVED being pregnant and what that body looked like, and I am LOVING the softness of my postpartum body and it’s ability to feed Ryleigh. My body did amazing things at each of those stages. AND was strong and healthy to different degrees. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited to see what this next phase of healthy will bring as I recover, heal, and find inspiration in moving again and fueling both of us.

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