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Nourishing in Nature

Nourishing an infant is HARD WORK- however you decide to do it.

I'm so grateful for our journey so far. We had some struggles at the start with Ry being early, but we’ve figured it out together. Being able to breastfeed Ryleigh has been a gift and what works for the two of us.

There’s a lot of hype, and often judgement, around where we feed our children and how we feed our children. And frankly it’s no ones business - it’s between each of us and our child.

But instead of focusing on the negativity. I am going to focus on the joy of the moments. Gratitude to be able to sit down in the woods and feed and nourish my daughter. Support her growth and health while surrounded by trees and ferns and wildlife.

It was a beautiful moment, and while I’m sure the amount of times we are exhausted and nursing and I’m in my phone, will outweigh the amount of times we can get in the woods and do this. But the beauty and specialness of these moments outweighs everything and is the greatest gift she has given me.

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