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You Are NOT Your Diagnosis

Cancer. PCOS. Diabetic. Infertile. Obese. Chrones. Asthmatic. Insulin Resistant. HIV....

The list could go on and on and on. From chronic to acute. Anytime we get a diagnosis it’s so easy to get wrapped up in and consumed by all things that disorder/disease/illness.

Specially shoutout to Katy Perry. As I was sitting nursing Ry this morning and had American Idol on. She said to one of the contestants “You are not your illness”. Hearing that was such an powerful moment for me. I’ve had those times of being so all consumed with my PCOS diagnosis that I couldn’t disconnect from it. I’ve worked through them, and yet it was still so empowering to hear her say it.

In the world of hormonal disorders (that I am now a card carrying member of like it or not) I watch so many women be totally consumed by their diagnosis. And I get it- hormonal disorders can have so much power over our lives, especially if you haven’t gotten to a point of understanding your root causes and treating them - many women struggle to get pregnant, or have major insecurities around cosmetic symptoms, or can’t control or understand intense mood swings, or develop diabetes. Yet it’s such a slippery slope, understanding our diagnosis. There are fantastic support groups online that provide education and support. But they also can become a place that supports toxic patterns, behaviors, and even disordered thinking.

I am here to tell you, and maybe remind you, that you are NOT your diagnosis. It’s so important to educate yourself and learn as much as possible about it. We need this information so that we can understand, ask questions, and advocate for our health choices. BUT to truly work on owning our own health we have to strive towards the big picture beyond just the diagnosis. Reducing stress, finding things that make our soul sing, playing, living, loving. And that means creating space and having an identify outside of our diagnosis.

I am not a “PCOS Woman” I am “A Woman that happens to have PCOS” and is also a mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend, coach, educator, artist, outdoor lover, barefoot exploring, Nina Simone loving, clay throwing, bow shooting, person.

Who are you?

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